International Terms of Sale Pygmy Goats

We do not hold any animal without full payment. Full Payment must be received within 7 days from the date of invoice or the goat will be available for sale again.

  • All goats are Registered unless otherwise specified.

  • All prices are subject to change without notice

  • Ship Worldwide as allowed by country importing too.

  • The buyer is responsible for all costs related to the health tests, bloodwork, and inspections by the USDA for shipment.

  • Payments

  • Out of country payments are by Wire Transfer Only

  • Once the goats leave our premises, we are no longer responsible for them.

  • For goats shipping out of the country, you will pay the Exporter/Shipper handling the shipment. Payment is made directly to the exporter.

Board Charges

All goats sold come with a thirty-day freeboard.  After thirty days board is $3.00 per goat per day. 


  • We dehorn all goats.

  • Goats come with Hoofs Trimmed, Wormed, First CD/T Shot, and Routine Coccidia Treatment depending on age. Note: Animals spending a long time in quarantine before shipment will not have current hoof trimmings.

  • If a buyer wants specific blood tests before purchase, the buyer will pay for the costs of these tests.

  • All Sales are final, with no refunds or exchanges.

  • In the event, a pygmy goat is too pregnant to ship due to shipping delays or, is ill or dies before shipment while in the care of Amber Waves, we reserve the right to Issue credit for that animal for a future purchase, If possible, replace the animal with one of equal value, Ship the animal on the next shipment.

Bred Does

  • Does exposed to a buck may or may not be pregnant.

  • Does that are ultra-sounded pregnant are pregnant at the time of the sale. We do not guarantee that a doe bred will kid or have live kids.  There are too many variables with moving a pregnant doe, and we cannot control the care she receives once she leaves our farm.

  • Pygmy goats are not known to be easy kidders; you MUST be there when they give birth and be able or have someone that can assist.

  • A buyer can request a doe be pregnancy tested before purchase, but the cost of the testing is the responsibility of the buyer.  To pregnancy test does must be at least 45 days along in their breeding.

  • Note: All babies born while does are awaiting shipment will remain the property of Amber Waves.


  • The buyer is responsible for all shipping and shipping-related charges.

  • Amber Waves is not the shipper.  We only put you in contact and work with the shipper and assist with paperwork, or any information the shipper may need to ship your pygmy goats.


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