Terms Of Sale Pygmy Goats United States

General Information and Terms of Sale

  • We do not hold any animal without full payment.

  • All goats are Registered unless otherwise specified.

  • ALL Sales are final no refunds or exchanges.

  • In the event, an animal becomes sick or dies prior to shipping Amber Waves reserves the right to exchange the ill/dead animal for another goat of equal or higher value or refund the purchase price of that one animal only.

  • All prices are subject to change without notice


US payments accepted are Cash, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover


  • All goats are dehorned goats can get scurs which are horn growths after they are dehorned.

  • Wethers May or May Not be fixed depending on age.

  • Goats come with Hoofs Trimmed, Wormed, First CD/T Shot, and

  • Routine Coccidia Treatment

  • All goats we sell have been tested yearly for CAE, CL, and Johne's unless otherwise specified if an animal is under six months then the parents have been tested negative.

Bred Does

  • Does exposed to a buck may or may not be pregnant.

  • Does ultra-sounded pregnant are pregnant at the time of the sale? 

  • We do not guarantee that a doe bred will kid and/or have live kids.  There are too many variables with moving a pregnant doe and we cannot control the care she receives once she leaves our farm.

  • We do offer midwife services to kid your goat.  Please email me for more information.


  • Ship Worldwide as allowed by each countries import regulations.

  • You can ship two babies in one crate subject to change.

  • In some cases, delivery in the Western US can be arranged by ground.  Please contact us for a quote.

  • The buyer is responsible for all shipping and shipping-related charges.

Board Goats Sold

  • All goats come with ten days’ freeboard except hand raised bottle babies and the board starts on the day purchased.

  • After ten days’ board begins outside is $5.00 per day outside and the inside is $10 per day if available for does and wethers. Bucks are $7.00 a day outside due to special housing.

  • Board does not apply to babies still on their mom but does apply to bottle babies.

  • Bottle Babies are $5.00 per day from day one of sale or a flat $250 till weaned. There is a lot of special handling and feed on bottle babies.

  • We board for our customers by reservation.

  • All Goats coming in for boarding or breeding over one year must have a negative CAE, CL, and Johnes lab report sent to Amber Waves before arrival at Amber Waves. This is an annual test we require.

  • Inside board if available is $10 per day and is climate controlled 

  • Quarantined Animals for shipment contact us for a price.

Customers Service

  • Reduced breeding fees $150 standard breeding fee $300 (the board does apply while goat is here. Note: Current negative CAE, CL, and Johne’s lab report must be sent to Amber Waves before your doe’s arrival to Amber Waves.

  • Low-Cost Medication usual range between $5.00 - $10.00 Each **

  • Hoof Trimming $15.00** 


  • We offer education for our clients on how to take care of trim hoofs, give shots, etc. (by appointment only click here to make an appointment http://amber-waves.genbook.com

  •  Visits to Amber Waves

  • Amber Waves is a private breeder open by appointment.

  • To book an appointment go to http://amber-waves.genbook.com

  • We are closed on Mondays


  • Lifetime Support

  • Email debbie@amberwaves.info

  • Phone/Fax;/Text to computer 951-736-1076

  • WhatsApp  Text  +1 951 440 3605

  • Home Phone 951-736-1076

  • Jim’s cell 951-233-4231


Email debbie@amberwaves.info

Phone/Fax;/Text to computer 951-736-1076

WhatsApp  +1 951-440-3605

Home Phone 951-736-1076

Jim's cell 951-233-4231

Prices are subject to change without notice